“Thank you so much, I am so happy I did the course with you I feel so much more confident.”

“A huge thank you again for working with us to do this course, it’s made such a big difference in how we’re feeling about having our first baby.”

“My partner especially feels like he’s got a ‘game plan’ now, and is feeling so much more confident now he knows what he can do to help.”

“we really enjoyed the class, I feel so empowered already!”

“I was able to have the water birth I wanted and the hypnobirthing really helped keep me calm.”

My partner was an incredible support person and the hypnobirthing techniques for breathing and the birth tracks kept me calm and able to cope”

My birth was AMAZING – better than I could have ever hoped for! A really positive experience, totally different to my experience with Thomas. Big thank you, so glad I did your course.

I was so happy I managed to make it through labour without needing any pain relief or interventions, I felt so empowered. Definitely utilised so many strategies that we learnt from you, so a big thank you!!

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