Birth Classes

Sara offers the very popuar Mindful Mamma birth class, for all types of births, natural or  inductions or cesarean section.

She is very passionate about women having an empowering, positive, safe birth and parenting journey, whatever turn that birth takes.

Private birth classes can be run in your own home, by Skype  or in the Hobart area.

Small group classes are run in Hobart

Please get in touch for further information or to make a booking.

Mindful Mamma Group Birth Class      $300

Mindful Mamma Private Birth Class    $425

1 x 6 hour session


2 x 3 hr sessions

The class includes MP3 downloads or CD, resources and on going support from Sara

Small group classes are run in a relaxed and informal way. As experienced professionals we are able to offer you a personal and individualised approach, even within a group setting.

A private hypnobirthing class with  Sara, a Mindful Mamma practitioner, you get 6 hours one to one tuition not only on how to use the techniques, but the opportunity to tailor your own birth preferences and prepare in a way that is unique to your birth. With a private hypnobirthing class you have the flexibility to do this in your own home at a time that suits you.

A private hypnobirthing class can be a particularly good option for couples that have individual circumstances; such as more complicated pregnancies, have experienced trauma relating to birth or pregnancy in the past, severe tokophobia (fear of birth) or are preparing for a caesarean birth. A private hypnobirthing class is a really popular option as our sessions can be tailored to you and your birth experience

On a private hypnobirthing class the  benefits are:

  • Six hours of one to one tuition and on going support
  • Tailored birth preferences and techniques
  • Tailored advice on optimising your choice of birth place
  • Chance to discuss individual fears or anxieties you may not wish to discuss in a group
  • Additional techniques representing your own beliefs and wishes

Please get in touch for further information or to make a booking.